ATM simulator chamber

Generates negative pressure via vacuum generator.
30s rapid pressure adjusting.
Pressure accuracy: ±2Pa.
Real-time status display.
Real-time pressure monitoring.

This equipment is maily to test consumers electronics performance under negative air pressure. It generates nagative pressure via a vacuum generator into sealed chamber, and uses microcomputer for real-time pressure monitoring and controlling.


Functional Features

30s rapid pressure adjusting

Pressure accuracy ±2Pa

Real-time status display

Real-time pressure monitoring


Structural Features

Microcomputer controlling

High performance air pressure detector

Smart safety lock

Humiture sensor

Piling up available




Weight: 165 kg

Lead Time (L/T): 2-4 week

Cycle Time(test excludes): 75(42) s

Air Pressure Accuracy:±2 Pa

Communication Port:USB