Leading Provider of Customization Automation

Leading Provider of Customization Automation

Enhancing technology,empowering future. CYGIA automation and test solutions are widely used in consumer electronics industry, semiconductor industry, automotive industry, new energy industry, medical industry, lighting industry and other fields.

Customized development

CYGIA provides customers sophisticated test equipment and various automation solutions for intelligent assembly and testing.

Consumer Electronics
Vibration Test
Acoustic Test
Mechanical Test
Assembly Automation
AOI Automation
Standardized platform and solutions


BUTTERFLY is a leading universal test platform for PCBA functional test to electronics manufacturers (such as mobile phones, computers, etc.)
Standardized platform and solutions


PIANO is a standard solution for keyboard functional test and used in press test, touch test, light leakage test, appearance quality detection, etc.
Standardized platform and solutions


RIVER is a professional solution for FPCA bending and forming. It has desktop(semi automated) and vertical (fully automated) types.

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