Mechanical Design

PCBA test:
Modularized and standardized design mode can quickly complete analysis and design of customer demand. There are various types of standardized solutions to different customer needs. It is good at PCBA tests of large quantity, small pitches and small test points. At present, the minimum pin pitch is 0.25mm and the minimum aperture is 0.07mm. It has started the test research on 0.175mm pin pitch.
Design and analysis ability:
In the process of design and development, various approaches are used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the design. It provides the tolerance analysis of key modules (the required skills of the engineers), finite element analysis, stress analysis, automatic line UPH analysis, fluid and thermal flow analysis, etc.
Design platform:
Based on the company‘ s rich experience in the testing and automation industry, CYGIA develops standardization solutions for consumer electronics testing, etc., to reduce the risk of design and to improve development efficiency. Meanwhile, relying on the strong design strength, and project priority operating mechanism, it can flexibly response to customer needs.
Design Tools:
Adopt a variety of design tools. 3D design with Solidworks-based, also provides Pro / E design information based on customer habits or requirements. At the same time, it uses Auto CAD and other tools to improve design efficiency.
Siemens PDM system:
The whole process control of design and development can be seamlessly connected with ERP to realize paperless operation. The design library is established in the system to improve the operation efficiency. At the same time, it can monitor and record every modification in the design development to ensure the uniqueness, accuracy and traceability of design information.
3D Rotating module
Pin board module
Pin board module
Pin board module
Pin board module
Rotating module
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